2020 Logic Art-Total Solution wins the 29th Taiwan Excellence Gold Awards
IDCC Product Launch
Logic Art won the 23rd Rising Star Award
TTQS Bronze Reward(Medal)
Logic Art Branding Workshop
Achieved ISO 9001:2015 ( Certified by BVQL)
2019 New subsidiary opened in Vietnam.
New subsidiary opened in Bangladesh.
New Agent in Egypt.
Launched LA-303F/LA-303M Powder Chemical Dissolving & Distributing System
Automatic factory conveying system for Chang Jiang
Powder additive delivery system for Shanghai Challenge Textile Company Limited.
Automatic factory conveying system for Guangdong Smart Team Textiles Technology Co.,Ltd
2018 Achieved ISO 9001:2008 ( Certified by BVQL).
Finish the factory contract of Chi Fa, FuhSun, Lien Da Hsin, Da Lun.
Having speech in Taiwan-Vietnam Industrial Collaboration Forum, and signing MOU.
Qualified in the Dyeing and Finishing Industry Demonstration Project of IDB.
Finish automatic control and conveying system of Hua Chien&Wei Yi.
Finish automatic liquid dye delivery system of Tong Yi.
2017 New Factory established.
Official Website updated.
Giving speech in Taiwan-Thailand Industrial Collaboration and sign MOU.
Get the dyeing and finishing demonstration line subsidy project.
Launched LA-560F Stenter Automatic Liquid Chemical Dispenser.
Finish the long vehicle automatic conveying system of Tien Hong.
Finish the factory automatic conveying system of Bai Hong in Vietnam.
Launched LA-202 Dyestuff Warehouse & Weighing Management System
Launched La-302PDW Chemical Weighing, Dissolving & Distribution System.
2016 First fully automated dye stuff transmission system.
2015 Launched "LA-571 Continuous & Fishing Dosing System".
2014 Launched "LA-252RB series─Dye Automatic Storage and Dissolution Conveying and Cleaning". Industry 4.0 development started.
2013 Representation of Automation Partners Inc. (API USA) and CDB Optilab (France) commenced. Launched new generation LA-828GL Dyeing Machine Controller.
2012 Opened new office in central Taiwan.
First order for dye machine controllers from Ugoilin Srl.
2011 Achieved ISO 9001:2008 ( Certified by BVQL).
2010 Introduced LA 808 entry level dye machine controller.
Launched LA-838 Dye Machine Controller (PC based).
Developed the world's first, Laboratory Multi-Batch IR Dyer - LA 652.
Launched LA-570 Stenter Monitoring System.
2009 Opened new manufacturing facility in Shanghai due to high demand in China.
Welcomed a new international partner - UGOLINI S.r.l.
Launching presentation of Dye House Total Solutions.
Appoint agent representatives in South Africa/Mauritius, South and Central America.
2008 First LA website launched.
2007 First Asian company to be accredited as world wide supplier to Coats Group.
2006 Established "ERP System".
2005 Achieved ISO 9001:2002 ( Certified by BVQL). Entered agreement with Adaptive Controls to develop LA SPC Dye house management system.
2004 Cooperated with Don Cang Co., Ltd. and developed Vietnamnese market.
2003 Accredited by Taiwan Ministry of Industry as approved consultant for the textile industry
Purchased new office and expanded to doubled production plant
Tube-Free Automatic Laboratory Dispenser world wide distribution and support agreement signed with Datacolor. LA 6000 range then marketed as, "Auto Lab_TF" worldwide.
2002 Appointed first agents in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Malaysia.
1999-2001 Set up "LA Texmac" in Thailand
Developed the first "Tube Free Automatic Laboratory Dispenser" (LA- 600) Exhibited for the first time at ShanghaiTEX and ITMA Asia, Singapore in 2001.
1998 Set up "Shanghai, Qun Xiang Automation Co., Ltd. "
Set up "PT LA Senindo Konstan" in Indonesia
1996 Accredited by Taiwan Ministry of Industry as approved "Supplier to Textile Industry"
1994 Developed "LA 50B PLC" as an engine for all systems
Developed its first Dyeing machine controllers
1993 Logic Art Automation Co. Lt d. founded