Powder Dyestuff Automatic Storage & Retrieval System

Product Description

The LA-252-RM Powder Dyestuff Robotic Warehousing and Conveyance System includes the 3 modules: Powder Dyestuff Bucket Moving System; Powder Dyestuff Robotic Warehousing System and Powder Dyestuff Bucket drying system.
Precise PLC control connects all three modules. both controlling and eliminating errors. in moving, loading and bucket cleaning. It optimizes the space required for storage,moving dye recipes to the LA-252RM. After washing the dye stuff bucket it is auotamtically moved to the bucket drying system and reasdied for next use.


● Automatic dyestuff bucket loading/unloading control,
● Dyestuff bucket auto storage controls up to 50 buckets for on demand dissolving procedure
● Auto-dry system for clean and efficient operation


● Dye stuff buckets incorporate RFID chip eliminating any posible errors in process.
● Full robotic control
● Integration with all other LA dye stuff systems