Stock Solution Master System

Product Description

The LA-620 is an stock solution master system, designed to prepare accurate and repeatable dyestuff solutions. Dispensing the solutions at a faster rate than can be done manually, the system also increases the throughput, leaving operators free to concentrate on more skilled work. Ensuring that the solutions are made up consistently, using standard pre-defined procedures and water temperature, the system is capable of making accurate and stable solutions time and time again.


● Increased throughput of solution making.
● High accuracy, repeatable solution making.
● Set up flexible and multiple procedures to make solution.
● Integrate with LA-600 Tube-Free Automatic Laboratory Dispenser or Color Matching System.


● 2 large/1 small cold water valves and 1 hot water valve to optimze throughput without compromising accuracy
● Flexible procedures to make solution
● Electronic scales weighing, accuracy up to 0.01g
● Auto filling of cold/hot water and refill function