Laboratory Multi-Batch Dyer

Product Description

LA-652 Laboratory Multi-Batch Dyer is designed to improve laboratory dyeing, eliminate uneven dyeing, and at the same time dramatically increase laboratory efficiency in a single dye machine. It incorporates the latest industrial PC technology; individual temperature and dye program control for each of 18 beakers; a rotational system; and low liquor ratio dyeing.


● 3 to 4 times greater productivity than traditional dyers by:
Independent dyeing control for each of the18 beakers
Each beaker can have different liquor volumes
Each beaker can be loaded and removed individually without affecting other beakers/programs
● Suitable for both natural and synthetic fabric dyeing. (Temperatures up to 150°C)
● Fabric samples weights from 5g to 30g, (depending on model)
● Low liquor ratio 1: 5 to emulate production environment
● Sample is held in set flat position thus ensuring even, repeatable dyeing, with no need for ironing
● Especially suitable for easy shrinkage or wrinkle material and fine denier yarn
● Precise dyeing control provides uniform, level and repeatable dyeing
● No limitation of dyeing program storage
● Dyeing records can be stored for one year, allowing easy traceable


● Touch screen PC and Windows based operation, user-friendly and easy to use
● Multi beaker Control System: Individual temperature control for each beaker by use of rotary temperature sensors, infra-red heater and cooling fan with latest industrial PC allowing individual liquor volume setting for each beaker
● Accurate Temperature Control: Independent temp. sensor for each beaker, designed with special rotary connector for signal output to controller
● Low Liquor Ratio: Liquor ratio as low as 1:5 emulates production dye machines
● Beaker rotation: User definable parameters to control the direction and speed of rotation ( forward , reverse, shake)
● Industrial PC: Simultaneously loading of up to18 different programs for 18 beakers. No limitation on the number of different programs that can be stored. All dye records can be stored for up to one year
● Converter Control: Speed at 40-200 rpm, suitable for any substrate and any liquor volume
● Beaker: Available with 500CC and 1000CC beakers
● Fabric positioning device: Ensures fabric is flat inside the beaker and is firmly held in place