Dye machine controller

Product Description

Besides running one main functions, the LA-818 can run two sub functions in parallel. It can save upto 99 programs, with each program containing upto 135 steps. The LA-818 is a cost effective product to provide basic management and solve your dye machine control problems.


The LA-818 is capable of running as a stand alone dye machine controller or linked to our LA-SPC Supervisory system. The unit comes with CF card reader allowing both control and fast exchange of any program between controllers, and complete with graphic display of up to 11 dosing curves.
● The program is available to proceed from any break point to continue
● Precise temperature control
● Available the program jump to any step to proceed


● Automatic turn off LCD display back light
● JIS、DIN temperature direct conversion
● LED back light display to achieve longer life time
● Graphic display and multiple languages available
● LCD background color is changeable to white or blue
● LCD display brightness control direct from the panel keyboard