Dye machine controller

Product Description

The LA-828G/GL Controller is designed for dye machine automation. It features a 7” high resolution color display; user interface; multi languages selection; parallel processing and integration with our central control system. The LA-828G/GL series fulfills the needs
of modern dye house automation. Suitable for all tyoes of exhaust dye machines, such as Jet / Package / Hank / Jigger / Beam


● Suitable for all kinds of dye machines
● Accurate temp. control and standardized dyelot
● Graphic operator interface
● User friendly operation
● Links to LA-SPC supervisor system and Logic Art dyestuff and chemical automation system allows optimization of the complete dyeing procedure to achieve standardized processes, dyeing RFT and excellent repeatability


● Provides flexible and multiple water filling selections
● Automatically calibrates main tank water level
● Real time temperature, level and machine I/O graphical display
● Large high resolution color graphic display; multi languages available
● Integrates with dosing function, built-in 11 dosing curves
● Integrates with LA-pH system for full dyelot pH control
● Auto-wash functions: Batch, Hi-Lo, Overflow, Cold overflow etc.
● 64 alarm warning settings
● Diagnostics for I/O testing and monitoring
● Available for distributive PLC control