Dye machine controller

Product Description

The LA-838 controller offers a diverse and versatile range. From production dye machines such as Jet, Air flow, Beam, package, Winch or Jiggers to laboratory machines, the LA-838 contains a controller for all needs.


● PC based control system with web browser technology.
● Work list screen - Provides the user with a real time schedule of jobs.
● Live graph – A full color graph is continually plotted and updated
● Machine mimic – Real time mimic provides a graphical interface showing clear and rapid simulation of the machine status
● History viewer – Using an onboard industry standard database, the unit can store years of production data.
● Connectivity – Standard networking and browser tools allow the systems to connect to a company network for on-line monitoring
● Remote I/O control and management – Inverters control by communication cable, saving installation time and material cost
● Connects to LA-SPC Dye Machine Supervisor System and Internet with Web Server.
● Connects to Logic Art Automatic Dispensing, Dissolving and Distribution System range completing the dye house total integration structure


● Connected to LA-60B PLC device for expanding distributed I/O control to dye machines
● Full control of dye temperature, speed, pH value input, volume, pressure and dosing.
● No storage limitation of dye program and step, USB storage device for quick back-up operation
● The current job screen provides the user with a clear display of the actual position within the theoretical profile and also highlights the current step in the procedure
● Additional text messages can be sent from the unit warning of alarms or the requirement of an operator
● Password protected engineering modes permit testing of inputs and outputs from the touch mimic screen