pH Control System

Product Description

Effective control of pH levels in the dye process is essential. The LA-pH is a self-contained" add-on" to any dye machine; no modification being required to existing dye machine control systems. Using a closed loop the LA-pH continuously samples the dye machine temperature, and pH level. By comparing the real time readings with the time/temperature/p H values pre entered into the system control unit, it automatically adjusts the pH levels by direct dosing as required.


● Improved color leveling to enhance efficiency
● Reduces tank and batch differences
● Shortens dyeing time to increase productivity
● Increased dye absorbency to save dye stuff and stabilize dyeing, quality assured
● Reduces pH auxiliary used


● No major modifications required to existing controls
● Improves labor utilization.
● Decreases number of re dyes.
● Increase dye machine/dye house efficiency.