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Product Description

The LA-252RB Powder Dyestuff Automatic Loading & Dissolving System is designed with PLC controls and links to the state of art LA-253 Dyestuff Distribution System or LA-255 and LA-1000 Job Ticket Management System, for efficient dissolving and distribution. This system provides total flexibility in operation and resultant financial advantages .It dissolves the dyestuffs in sequence; controls water temperature and then dispenses to the dye machine add tanks via either LA-253 or LA- 255. Upon completion of dispensing, the tanks and pipelines are automatically cleaned with water to eliminate contamination problem.


● Separated dark and light color tanks to eliminate contamination
● User definaable settings for dissolving temperature, holding time and mixing time for different dyestuffs requirements
● Water volume controlled by flow meter according to the recipe weight and add tank capacity
● Safety Interlock protection to prevent opening during process
● Spray device to avoid dispersion of dust during loading of dyestuff
● Automatically adds dyestuff into dissolving tank


● Multiple languages available
● Auto-cleaning of dyestuff bucket
● Compact in size
● Dissolves 1~6 recipes in parallel
● Adding auxiliaries device for wider application