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Product Description

LA-202 gives you maximized storage, minimized floor space. Based on our tried and tested LA-200, the LA 202 has PLC controlled SRV module for automatic dyestuff pick-up, giving you accuracy, repeatability and control of your dyestuff.


● Robotic retrieval dyestuff and storage system for the larger mill.
● Minimize storage area whilst maximizing efficiency.
● Cleaner and environmental friendly.
● Bar code reader to scan job ticket elimating errors


● Modelized dyestuff storage racks
● SRV robotic dyestuff bucket retrieval module
● Microsoft Windows Operating Environment and User Features
● Bar Code Scan and Dispense Recipes
● Products Data Management
● Recipe Data Management
● Stock Management
● Consumption Management and Daily Report
● Weighing Parameters Set Up Program
● Weighing Hardware Diagnostic Programs
● Manual Weighing Control
● Multi Language Operation