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Product Description

The LA-200 is a semi auto powder weighing control system, which uses high accuracy scales and graph display software suite to control the dyestuff weighing recipe.


● Increased dye house productivity through elimination of error.
● Automatic recipe calculation by software to eliminate possible human error
● Bar code scanning to verify recipe and dye stuff
● Records every weighing result alowing traceabilty
● Statistical record of dyes used on daily, weekly or monthly consumption.
● Precise scales to optimize weighing process eliminating human error thus increasing productivity.
●Real time management control with rapid pay back of initial investment.
●User definable managements reports.


● Industrial bar code reader
● 8-section weighing tolerance setting to increase accuracy
● Dye stuff location indicator lamps for easy of recognition.
● small and large electronic balances for optimum weighing of both large / small amount of dyestuff
● User friendly ""see and do"" software, and graphic interface
●Expandable up to 250 dye stuff