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Product Description

The LA-301 is a semi auto liquid chemical dispenser, which uses dedicated valves and pumps to gravimetrically dispense the liquid chemicals use in textile wet process.


● Enhanced weighing accuracy within 3%.
● Statistical record of dyes used on daily, weekly or monthly consumption
● Addition/abnormal consumption statistics report
● Weighing by load cell ensures performance, accuracy and repeatability
● Ideal solution for small and medium sized dye houses
● Fast dispensing, max productivity.
● Chemical saving of 15% and above.
● Safe & clean environment.


● Stainless steel Industrial housing, cleanable by water
●Availabe options for up to 4 scales dispnsing simultaneously
● Dispensing location indicators Optional LA301-HA high accurcay valves for small weight dispensing
● Optional LA -301P for powder chemical weighing
● Chemical dispense by individual air pump or by gravity
● Industrial bar code reader for recipe capture
● Subtracts the weight when changing the bucket
● Daily, weekly or monthly consumption recording
● Available operation by Manual or Automatic modes, easy operation